16 Commonly Asked Questions for Pallet Racking

Pallet racking

Frequently asked questions about pallet racking.

  1. How high can pallet racking go?

According to Next Level Storage Solutions, there is no limitation. However, the height is dependent on the height of the building, the reach of the lift equipment, the size and shape of the product being stored, and the Building & Fire Codes.

In Asia, a typical warehouse will have 6 level to 7 level pallet rack. Assuming 1.5m per level, this translates to approximately 9m to 10.5m.

  1. How much is the cost?

Below are some information extracted from the article by MMH.

Single Deep RackUS$ 50 – US$ 75 per pallet location
Double Deep RackUS$ 65 – US$ 90 per pallet location
High Density RackDrive In Rack (2 loads deep)US$ 80 – US$ 105 per pallet location
Drive In Rack (3 loads deep)US$ 75 – US$ 105 per pallet location
Drive In Rack (4 or more loads deep)US$ 75 – US$ 100 per pallet location
Drive Through Rack (2 loads deep)US$ 80 – US$ 120 per pallet location
Drive Through Rack (3 loads deep)US$ 80 – US$ 115 per pallet location
Drive Through Rack (4 or more loads deep)US$ 80 – US$ 110 per pallet location
Dynamic StorageGravity Flow Rack (2 loads deep)US$ 135 – US$ 260 per pallet location
Gravity Flow Rack (3 or more loads deep)US$ 250 – US$ 400 per pallet location
Push Back Rack (double deep system)US$ 110 – US$ 140 per pallet location
Push Back Rack (3 deep system)US$ 130 – US$ 170 per pallet location
Push Back Rack (4 deep system)US$ 155 – US$ 200 per pallet location
Push Back Rack (5 deep system)US$ 175 – US$ 220 per pallet location
  1. How much racking do I need?

From DAK Equipment & Engineering, the following reasons have to be considered to reply this question. The size of the warehouse, the area dedicated to the racking, the weight limit of the pallet rack, the weight of the inventory, the number of levels for the pallet rack and the kind of racking to be used.

On top of the factors mentioned, you need to determine the inventory turn, the days of stock for the SKU, the seasonality spike and a ton of other considerations.

There is no clear-cut answer. Analysis has to be done to determine the correct figure.

  1. How much weight can it hold?

Storage Concepts mentioned that the each pair of horizontal beams can hold a maximum load of 4 tonnes of inventory. A common finding is 2 1-tonne pallets to be sitting side by side. As for the frame (includes upright), the standard duty type can carry 9 tonnes of load, the medium duty of 15 tonnes and heavy duty of 20 tonnes approximately.

  1. How to build pallet racking?

Spaceway South Ltd. has provide a video clip on pallet rack construction.

  1. How to dismantle pallet racking?

Pallet Racking Systems Ltd mentions about new regulations in place since 2015.

Rack.ca has a video clip on the dismantling of the pallet rack.

  1. How to identify pallet racking?

Acorn Storage Equipment has a guide that shows some of the common racking upright.

  1. How to perform inspection?

From Cisco-Eagle, the following factors need to be considered.

  • Are the racks plumb and level?
  • Are any metal component corroded?
  • Is the rack overloaded?
  • Are the uprights bent or damaged?
  • Check for horizontal beam damages.
  • Check for horizontal beam deflection.
  • Are the beams attached to the uprights correctly?
  • Are the safety pins or beam attachment pins missing or damaged?
  1. How to measure pallet racking?

Source 4 Industries has in it’s website shows how pallet rack should be correctly measured. Pictures are included in the webpage.

  1. Should pallet racking be bolted down?

Based on Oshatraining.com, there is no clear indication in the regulations that the rack need to be bolted down. However, they must be secured. This is for the safety of the operators.

  1. What is adjustable pallet racking?

Stamina Storage Systems shares with us that adjustable pallet racking is essentially typical pallet racking. One main advantage is that the horizontal beam can be adjusted according to your requirement.

  1. What is selective pallet racking?

From SSI Schaefer, selective pallet racking is the same as the adjustable pallet racking.

  1. How to calculate pallet rack load capacity?

Unarco Material Handling Inc. has created an online calculator to determine the beam capacity based on various options selected by the user.

  1. How to design pallet rack?

Cisco-Eagle provides a simple way to evaluate the beam and upright requirements.

  1. What is a teardrop pallet rack?

1 Stop Rack Services mentions that it is the most common style of roll formed storage systems. It is easily recognizable by the teardrop punch in the upright. These teardrop racks can integrate easily to existing pallet rack systems.

  1. What is pallet flow rack?

AK Material Handling Systems states that pallet flow rack is similar to gravity flow rack. Details are stated in here.


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  1. I like that you talked about how adjustable pallet racking can be changed to what you need. I have been looking for a pallet rack to keep all of my tools on. I can see how it would be nice to have an adjustable one because I could expand it when I buy new tools.

    1. Thanks a lot. You are right. The main advantage of the adjustable pallet racking is it’s flexibility.

  2. Thank you for sharing such informative article regarding importance of pallet racking system used in the warehouse storage. Pallet racking is an important part of the warehousing system and plays an important role to store different types of products for considerable longer periods. Due to the vertical storage, we could use maximum space available in the warehouse. The design of pallet racking system made it easy for the forklift to reach up into the air and bring down the pallets whenever, they needs one. So, palate racking system is a time and space saving system which plays very important role in warehouse storage system.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that pallet racking should be regularly inspected, and it’s important to check all of the metal components to make sure none of them have corroded. My brother is a warehouse manager for a local business, and I know they’re thinking about replacing their current pallet racks. Next time I see him, I’ll definitely remind him to regularly inspect the new racks’ metal components!

  4. Thank you for pointing out that there is no limitation to how high pallet racks can go, but it is dependent on the height of the actual building. I had no idea that there was no regulation on how pallet racks can be. I would assume that some buildings have limitations for safety reasons.

  5. I never knew that there is no limitation with how high pallet racking can go. Last week my husband got a warehouse for his business and is wanting to do pallet racking for it. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him as he sets up his warehouse!

    1. The limitation depends on various factors such as the floor loading and the MHE reachable height. The typical pallet racking are 6 to 7 level high. However, if the factors allow, it can be higher.

  6. Thank you for sharing so much. We have learned a lot about pallet shelves, and also increased our understanding of this knowledge. At the same time, I hope bloggers can do better and better in the future.

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