What is WarehouseBlueprint?

  • We offer you a way to present to your customers 3D version of your warehouse layout solutioning.
  • This is simplified with pre-made dynamic components for SketchUp.

How should you proceed to achieve the objective of creating the 3D layout?


  • Download SketchUp (free).
  • Learn SketchUp basics.
  • Download Trial version of WarehouseBlueprint Extension (free).
  • Method to install WarehouseBlueprint Extension into SketchUp.
  • Test out by creating a simple warehouse layout.
  • Purchase the Full version of WarehouseBlueprint Extension.
  • Use the full version to create your own 3D warehouse layout.


What is SketchUp?

  • SketchUp is a software that allows you to draw 3 dimensional items.
  • Warehouse Dynamic Components is an extension/ plugin installed into SketchUp that enables you to model the warehouse much faster.

Can you use only Warehouse Dynamic Components extension to model a warehouse without installing SketchUp?

  • No, you need to install SketchUp first before using Warehouse Dynamic Components extension.

For the dynamic components created with the extension, are you able share it with other SketchUp users?

  • You can share the warehouse model with other SketchUp users.
  • However, if other users do not have the extension installed, they will be unable to modify the components.

Why do you need to wait a long processing time when moving the dynamic component around?

  • There are multiple formulas working in the background whenever there is a change to the dynamic component, be it the change in the component options or the position of the component.
  • A good way to mitigate this is to finalize the configuration of the component, and then using the "explode" function to break down each item, and "make component" again.
  • Another tip is to place different components in different layers. Make the layers invisible if not in use during modeling.

 If there is a need to configure the component to something else and the option to change is not in the component options menu, how can you address this?

  • One way to address this is to manually edit the components.
  • The component options menu focus on the general changes required.
  • There will be situations where ad hoc changes are not coded in the components.

Does the extension support both Win and Mac computers?

  • It currently only supports Win.

What version of SketchUp does the extension supports?

  • It currently only supports SketchUp 8 to version 2017.

What happens after you purchase from the Shop page?

  • 2 auto-generated emails will be sent to the email address you have keyed in during the purchase.
  • One of the emails is the receipt of your purchase.
  • In the other email, there will be a web link for you to download the pdf files and videos.
  • You need to reply to the mail (the one with the web link) with 2 of your MAC addresses so that we can configure and send to you the plugin extension file (.rbz file).

How do you get the MAC Address of your workstation?

  • There are various ways to get the MAC Address. Click here to find out more.