Warehouse Layouts

Below are 3D warehouse layout design examples modeled from past projects. These warehouses are from different countries storing a variety of different inventory.

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"WarehouseBlueprint plugin is helping me and other solution design colleagues from my team to quickly draft warehouse design ideas, present them to customer and communicate the layout parameters. It is great SketchUp enhancement for the warehouse design engineering purposes."

Martin Dedik, Sr Solutions Engineer Auto EMEA

This warehouse shows the scanning, labelling, packing area for dispatch. Conveyor systems, scanners, printers, workstations are setup for the VAS process.


A model that portrays a typical warehouse layout. However, due to the constraint of the land, the containers and trucks are unable to be parked in alignment.


A proposed layout for a new site that shows the pallet racking, with a dedicated mezzanine on the left and conveyor system for segregating the inventory via dispatch routes.


Different storage medium for the warehouse. Bulk of the storage are in conventional selective pallet racking. At the top of the mezzanine on the left, these are shelving that hold small cartons. At the bottom of the mezzanine, there are flow racks for fast moving stocks.


The shape of the warehouse is unique. Unlike conventional rectangular warehouses, this facility is deep and narrow.


A huge compound with majority of the space occupied by pallet racking. The proposal is for a FMCG (fast moving consumer good) customer with lesser variation of SKU (stock keeping units) and high volume.


The plan for this project is to build 4 adjacent warehouses by phases, with shutter doors and conveyors linking between them. This will allow the customer to fully utilize each warehouse before requiring additional space for storage and processing.


This operations resides in a level of a multi-level industrial building. Pallets are taken up into this operations via cargo lifts. In addition, the clear ceiling height are low, typical 6 to 8 meters high.


Another layout that resides in a multi-level building. Cargo lifts are constructed on both ends of the operations to facilitate movements of the pallets. A corridor of open space is proposed in middle of the floor to act as a buffer area.


The current old warehouse is to be torn down. It will be replaced by this new proposed facility, with the storage area, processing area and docks planned for optimal utilization of the land.


This area resides in the warehouse building. Due to the increase in the VAS (value added service) activities, there is a need to expand the area.


A two tier mezzanine with enclosed rooms being constructed within a warehouse environment. Due to the nature of the product, the requirements for these rooms are strict and have to comply to the GMP (good manufacturing practice) regulation.


One of the projects which portrays the external of the warehouse. It features the docking area, car parks and compound. To top it up, a security gantry is also added to the model.