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The world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are hearing the impact the community is facing. We try to offer as much support as possible in this incredibly difficult time, by offering 2 months access to the full version of our Warehouse Dynamic Components Extension. We hope this measure can help ease the hardship we all face. Click on the Get Now button in the Shop page.

"WarehouseBlueprint has been an excellent tool to help us present professional drawings of our pallet rack projects. Customers love being able to see full 3-D drawings, and WarehouseBlueprint makes it so easy to come up with very accurate layouts. We find ourselves using it on nearly every project."

Chris Jones, Vice President
Speedrack West


WarehouseBlueprint - Explanation with clarity

Do you have difficulty visualizing a new warehouse racking layout in 2 dimensions (e.g. CAD drawings)? Do you have issues explaining to clients their proposed warehouse layout changes?

WarehouseBlueprint has a solution to your problem.

With the ability to draw in 3D, you will be able to able to explain with clarity to anyone any area of the warehouse. You are able to help your client understand the layout of the warehouse clearly.

Warehouse Layout 19
Warehouse Layout 19 - rendered

"Let whoever may have attained to so much as to have the power of drawing know that he holds a great treasure." -Michelangelo


WarehouseBlueprint icons

Warehouse Dynamic Components Extension - Powered by Sketchup

  • Come up with a 3D pallet racking drawing of various configuration within seconds.
  • Model the entire warehouse within minutes.
  • Make changes to the dynamic components instantly in your warehouse model.
  • Components of common storage medium and items in a warehouse.
  • Able to export 3D model as a jpeg file for presentation.

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3D Heatmap & Pick Path Extension - Powered by Sketchup

  • Generate warehouse heatmap in 3 dimension with volume frequency data.
  • Determine pick path of operators with inventory location list and pick list information.
  • Useful for operations to visualize the locations of the fast moving items.
  • Enables the calculation of the time required to pick products from different storage locations.
  • Able to show the difference in time comparing as-is to to-be situations.

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WarehouseBlueprint 3D HeatMap
WarehouseBlueprint Picture5-12

Step By Step Sketchup Tutorial

  • Free step by step guide to walk you through the basics of using SketchUp for warehouse design modeling.
  • Good understanding of the functionalities.
  • Draw 3D objects and modify existing components.
  • Build up a simple warehouse.
  • Start mastering the skill with 5 free tutorials.

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"We are very happy with the plug-in."

Chris York, COO
Slate River Systems, Inc.