2D Warehouse Heatmap

Often, you are required to show to the client or operations exactly where the high frequency SKU are placed within the warehouse. Using only excel, you are able to present a visual heatmap to your audience, allowing them to understand the current status of the warehouse.

2D Warehouse Heatmap can be generated using Excel.


3D Warehouse Heatmap

By matching the data from excel to Sketchup, you will be able to generate a 3D Warehouse Heatmap. This Heatmap shows the locations of fast moving items versus slow moving items within the facility.

The 3D Warehouse Heatmap extension is still under development.

Fast forward to the the time of 7:17 min to view the actual result of the 3D Heatmap.


3D Pick Path

Given a picking list, how do you determine the distance traveled by the picker to fulfill the order? With this plugin extension, you will be able to estimate the path moved by the operator.

ThisĀ pick path generated is a simplified one. It is the distances measured from point to point.

The pick path function is still under development.

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