Step 1: Drawing the layout of warehouse

  • Select the Top view.
  • Draw a square of 51.6 m by 51.6 m.
  • On the top left hand corner, draw a square of 600 mm by 600 mm.
  • Select the 4 sides of the small square.
  • Click Move icon. Press "Ctrl".
  • Click within the small square.
  • Move the mouse to the right.
  • Type in 17,000 mm. Press "Enter".
  • Type in 3x. Press "Enter".
  • Select the 4 small squares.
  • Click Move icon. Press "Ctrl".
  • Click corner of one small square.
  • Move the mouse downwards.
  • Type in "17,000 mm". Press "Enter".
  • Type in "3x". Press "Enter".
  • Using Tape Measuring icon, mark out 300 mm downwards from the top left hand corner.
  • Click on the Line icon.
  • Draw a line of 51.3 m horizontally from the mark.
  • From the right end of the line, draw a 2nd line downwards with length 50.9 m.
  • From the lowest end of the 2nd line, draw a 3rd line from right to left with length 51 m.
  • From the left end of the 3rd line, draw a 4th line upwards with length 50.9 m.
  • Delete the lines within the small squares.
  • Draw the walls of the offices.

The basic layout of the warehouse is completed.

Step 2: Creating a 3D warehouse

  • Click on the Push/Pull icon and pull the wall upwards by 7 m.
  • Pull the columns by 7 m.
  • For the office walls, pull upwards by 4 m.
  • Delete away unnecessary lines.

Step 3: Adding roller shutters and doors

  • Select Tape Measuring icon.
  • Mark out 2.55 m from the left bottom corner.
  • Draw a rectangle of 4 m by 3.5 m.
  • Draw 2 more similar rectangles 1 m apart from one another (There are a few ways to do this).
  • Click on Push/Pull icon.
  • Click on the rectangle and push it in till the message box "On Face" appears.
  • Repeat the above step for the remaining rectangles.
  • Import the roller shutter door.
  • Rotate the roller shutter door by 90 degree.
  • Click Move icon.
  • Move the roller shutter door to one of the rectangles.
  • Click Move icon.
  • Press "Ctrl".
  • Click on the roller shutter door.
  • Move to the right to the 2nd opening.
  • Do likewise for the 3rd opening.
  • Add office doors for additional practice (Optional).

A 3D warehouse model is created.

This is how we model a warehouse.