Interaction in VR with Hapto

Something lacking..

Recently, I chanced upon a new product in Indiegogo related to virtual reality.

I did mention in this page about utilizing VR as a new technology that can bring a totally different experience to the people in the warehousing industry.

Visualizing is great, but somehow, there is still something lacking.

What if you are able to feel the warehouse in addition to the visual experience?

Isn’t it great if you are able to allow your audience to feel the pallets and conveyors in the warehouse?



Hapto came into the picture.

It is a hand-held controller which allows you to experience the physical feedback from the built-in 20 pushers. It also functions as a regular controller.

In addition, because all the connections are via bluetooth, you do not need to worry about the cables and wiring.

It is currently priced at USD129 in Indiegogo till 1st July 2017. Subsequently the retail price will be USD 249.

Backers are expected to get the controller in March 2018.

There is also a more detailed writeup here that describes the history of the company and the founders, Alex Khromenkov and Vlad Lukashevich.



I do see a potential with this product to give the audiences a different experience.

What do you think?


LATEST UPDATE (25July2017)

Just got to know that the campaign has been cancelled.