Innovation in Kickstarter

Innovation in Kickstarter!

There are 3 projects currently which are very interesting and potentially useful to the warehousing environment! Innovation indeed.

Archisketch, Mad Gaze and Box Lock are 3 projects that are currently running in the crowdfunding site.


According to the campaign. this is a device that allows user to scan and capture the dimensions of an enclosed area and subsequently convert the data into a 3D model.

Instead of hours capturing the dimensions, converting them to 2D layout and then subsequently 3D models, the data can be uploaded to the cloud-based software which can instantly model out the enclosed area.


  • Shorten the time to create the 3D model
  • Make use of your own mobile phone to capture the information
  • Use web browser to edit image


  • Limited compatibility with certain types of mobile phone models (Apple iPhone 6s, 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, S8)
  • Formats for import and export limited to gltf, stl, 3ds, obg+mtl, fbx as of now


This is a definite bonus for 3D model designer if the device is as good as the campaign mentioned. It will save the designer tons of time and effort to create a 3D model.

In order to reach and appeal to a wider audience, the company should look into expanding the list of compatible phone. Only then will this innovation be useful to more people.

Since I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, I will have to wait this campaign out till this phone model is compatible.

Mad Gaze

The campaign in Kickstarter currently shows the possibility of Augmented Reality (AR) using a game as an example.

However, the possibility of using this technology in the warehousing environment is limitless.

It should be possible for operation staffs to wear the glasses and perform or learn tasks using this advanced technology.


  • Compatible with third party application
  • Able to adapt to users who do not have perfect eyesight (for both short sighted and long sighted people)


  • 5 hours of battery life. Require multiple charging a day
  • Requires developer to create applications which are applicable for warehousing usage


Compared to Vuzix (, which cost almost twice as much, there might be a potential winner here as well to implement this in the warehousing industry.

Whilst Vuzix is already an exiting product, Mad Gaze will need to put in much more effort to expedite the manufacturing to allow users to explore the hardware.

A good innovation in the making to compete with Vuzix.

BoxLock Home

Another innovation found in the crowdsourcing site. It is essentially a padlock which is open by scanning of the barcode. An app had to be downloaded to the mobile phone as well.

This padlock will be very useful for ecommerce and last mile delivery, especially when the house owners are not at home. The couriers will be able to scan the item’s barcode to open up the padlock and place in the item to the designated storage box before leaving for the next delivery.


  • Couriers do not need to make another attempted delivery
  • House owners will not miss another scheduled delivery
  • Items are safely locked


  • House owners need to remember to input the barcode so that the couriers can scan the items
  • It only works in US, Canada, UK and Australia currently
  • Requires wifi access


This is indeed another innovative idea. The hardware is more for the dispatch, courier services and ecommerce delivery rather than 4 wall industry.