Articles published in Quora

A new year in 2018…

A summary of the articles I have published in Quora regarding warehousing back in 2017…


  1. How do I calculate the storage capacity of a warehouse for a product by containers?
  2. Where do I start if I wish to move to logistics automation, including automation of the warehouse, picking, vehicles, barcodes, etc.?
  3. How my warehouse design can impact my operation and order fulfillment rate?
  4. Are there any warehouses that don’t rate you based on speed?
  5. How do I improve warehouse storage?
  6. What is “warehouse throughput”? Is it applicable to a non-manufacturing company?
  7. What are the 10 problems faced in the warehousing business?
  8. How do I design a warehouse?
  9. How drones are used for business?
  10. Are there any desktop 3D modeling apps that let me work in stereoscopic 3D?
  11. Is there any software to do warehouse layout design?
  12. What are the top items/things that a warehouse should have?
  13. What continuous improvement initiatives can I under take to optimize my warehouse/logistics?
  14. What is your top 10 list to improve warehouse effiency?
  15. How can I turn my Sketchup models into Virtual Reality experiences?
  16. How can I view my sketchup models with Google Cardboard on my smartphone?
  17. When will I be able to view my Sketchup 3D models in Virtual Reality on Android?
  18. Where do I find real-life case studies of lean implementation in a distribution center warehouse?
  19. What is your first step when optimizing throughput of a manual distribution/warehouse hub? Would you start with automating the processes?
  20. How can I immediately learn 3D modelling?
  21. How do I design a warehouse storage space for a category of products?
  22. How can I find a small warehouse to rent for my business?