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Warehouse Ops Scenario Planning - Shift Expansion

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Hi Warehouse design experts! Just thought to bounce some ideas of off you in the case where the operation is planning to expand from two 8-hr shift 5 days a week to a 24/7 operation. What are the things that need to be considered during the planning process for such expansion? Some ideas I can think of include staffing coverage, extra equipment needs, battery charging and extra supervisory needs. Anything other ideas?

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This is good. I like to find out more for this as well.

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Hi Sarah. Let's think through together.
To run a 24/7 operations, resources are required.

1. Manpower -
changing shifts will impact the employees' personal life. Need to convince them to accept the shiftwork. Need to consider their physical health, social well being, employee's fatigue.
Additionally, need to factor in transportation, meals, shift allowance etc.

2. Equipment -
With additional working hours, more MHE are required. Battery charging units as well.

3. Utility -
Operations has to factor in electricity and water. In some cases, gases for cooking as well.

4. Safety and security -
With operations spanning across the night, security has to be tight (to prevent pilferage). Safety is also a concern, due to the operations having a higher tendency for accidents to happen in the wee hours.

5. Workload -
Sometimes, operations operates 24/7 for convenience rather than necessity. Example, the company decides to expand into 24/7 to cater to a specific requirement from a single customer. Once the work is completed, the midnight shift is idle. The additional shift is not fully optimized.

There are multiple angles the team needs to consider before expanding to a 24/7 work shift. It is not as simple as just snapping the fingers and activating the 3rd shift.

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From finance perspective, the operations cost will definitely increase.

The question management needs to ask whether the additional hours is justified.

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One of the challenging matter is to convince the staffs to follow the new schedule.


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