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Different picking strategies

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What are the various warehouse picking strategies?

Which is the most common one being used?

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I'm no expert but here's my two cents. In general there's pallet pick, case/carton pick and each/piece pick. The choice amongst different units of pick depends on the ordering quantity.

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Agreed with Sarah. The picking strategy suitable for the operations is dependent on the quantity/type of inventory being picked.

Additionally, the picking team can explore wave picking, zone picking or individual order picking (just to name a few).

Will be good if someone can analyze how the orders are dropped and how they are fulfilled currently.

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Aside from the picking strategy, the storage method should also be a derivative of the order profile.

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The first is Carton Pick and the 2n is Parallel Picking
In a parallel picking strategy, each worker is still assigned a zone; but all zones are picking the same orders in parallel

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