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Counter Balance vs Reach Truck

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I'm hoping someone could shed some lights whether reach trucks are preferred over counter balance. It seems like reach trucks require less aisle space for maneuvering and able to reach further up in the air compared to a reach truck. In what scenario would a counter balance be considered the preferred MHE over a reach truck? Is cost a factor? Thanks for your time in advance!

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You are right. Reach trucks do require lesser aisle space and are able to reach higher than compared to counter balance. If the warehouse ceiling is high and the layout is to utilize the storage space, then reach trucks is a good option. However, reach trucks are normally used in the storage area.

For counter balance, on the other hand, the advantage is that they are flexible. They can be used for putaway and picking, as well as unloading at the docking area. If need be, the counter balance can go down the ramp to the external of the warehouse. The aisle space required is bigger, and the height they can reach is lower.

In typical warehouses, there will be a mixtures of MHE. Some sites deploy powered pallet truck for picking as well. This is applicable when there are pick faces on the ground level of the pallet racks.


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